Essential Fall Jackets Under $50


When it comes to style, transition seasons bring out the best and worst in me.

These moments of weather transitions are the best because I love extending my summer clothing. I pair my faves with fall jackets and sweaters. And this time of year is the worst because I cringe at how many times I’ll say “Whattttt? You lost your coat again?!”#Lostandfound season has arrived, Folks!

When the day starts in the 40s ? but turns Sunny and 70s? for the afternoon bus, those coats come right off! And we know that kids will fling them anywhere. We all know it’s hard to figure out what to wear when we’re sweating in the car one minute and freezing outside the next. Hello, extreme weather fluctuations?

But enough about our kids! Let’s talk about mom fall fashion. Please meet these Essential Fall Jackets Under $50. Not too hot and not too cold, just the right amount of coverage for this beautiful season of Autumn. 

The Denim Jacket

denim jacketThe most versatile of all the jackets linked today, the denim jacket can be worn with nearly everything. If you don’t have one, I strongly encourage you to get one! It’s so casual and comfortable and is the ideal mild weather jacket. Traditional denim gives your look the perfect casual tone.

Tip: Keep in mind shoes have a very big impact here. A simple slip-on sneaker or a high slim heel can give the same denim coat a very different vibe.

The Trench Coat 

Trench Coat

For rainy days, sunny days and all the weather in between, this coat is a timeless essential. Similar to the jean jacket, the trench coat moves easily between laid-back and dressy, while its length provides more warmth and coverage.

Tip: Here are some different positions for your belt.

Traditional front tie
Tied in back
Belt in pockets
Tied in back

The Blazer


The traditional blazer is a wardrobe staple that lives forever.

Lately, my favorite is a soft, cotton blend (knit). It feels like a cardigan but has subtle lines of a blazer without the stiffness. Paired with jeans and tank or tee, it adds a touch of sophistication. The more structured designs are lined and provide more warmth. If you like the sharp, traditional look, be sure they are fitted correctly. This article shares traditional, modern chic and creative ideas.

Choose the style that fits your personality.

Blazers are not just dress or professional attire these days. It’s now popular now to wear them over-sized and slouchy. If that’s your look, you’ll love the flexibility when sizing and styling. There was a time when blazers + dresses = no-go. But trends are now very accepting of looks that push the limits. 

Tip: If you like a trendier, eclectic look, be sure to dress to it 100%. You don’t want to end up with a questionable look of “did she borrow her husband’s blazer today?” Pair it with clothing and footwear that very clearly supports the look you’re trying to achieve.

The Puffer Coat

Puffer Coat

A thin puffer that’s short to mid-length is just waiting to be your mild weather jacket bestie. Here are all the reasons why this is an essential fall jacket:

  • Easiest choice to throw on for athleisure and casual days.
  • Practical choice for getting your kids off to school. Whether you walk, run or drive to the bus stop. Or end up saying/screaming FineI’llJustDriveYouToSchool, this coat is #hereforyou ??
  • No-brainer choice for those afternoons at the park or hanging out in your driveway while the kids play.
  • And the final choice for those days when you feel like your outfit is just weird and you have no idea how to make it right but you don’t want to freeze.

Puffy, I choose you ?

The Plush Coat

Plush Coat

Who agrees this is the most comfortable piece of outerwear ever?! The diversity these coats offer is fantastic. Whether it’s fleece, shear-ling, faux fur, velvet, long or short, your Plush Coat match is out there waiting for you! You can go low key and neutral, thick and pillow-y, or bright and unique. Make it the statement coat of your wardrobe: the coziest mild weather jacket you’ll ever own.

Final Thoughts

The wonderful thing about all the jackets mentioned is they can be worn in at least 3 seasons: Fall, early Winter and Spring. In the 3rd pic below, my corduroy blazer kept me warm on the coldest day of winter, layered with cashmere sweater, camisole, gloves and scarf. Talk about the perfect transitional coat!

Knit Blazer in Spring and Summer
Corduroy Blazer with layers in Winter
Fall jackets and sweaters
Blazer in Fall, Winter and Spring

The Denim, Trench and Blazer extends to 4 seasons.

Think summer nights, rainy days and the love/hate of air-conditioning, the Denim, Trench and Blazer has you covered during the transitions between each season. Given that jackets are obviously essential in Seacoast life, choose a style that satisfies your budget. Each of these essential fall jackets under $50 are a small investment given the value you’ll get from each one. Any questions about the linked jackets, how to style or if there’s a sale? Drop a comment, DM or email and I’d be happy to help in any way! Please tell us…

Which transitional coat is your favorite?

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