Dear Husband, I’m Sorry For The Things I Said Before I Had My Coffee


Dear Husband I'm sorry for the things I said before I had my coffee 

We’ve all been there ladies; sometimes our husband drives us absolutely crazy! I’m pretty sure it’s in their DNA to do things that make us say, ‘Are you serious right now?’ But then there are times when they say or do the perfect thing at the exact moment in time when we need it most.

My husband is not the most romantic or most affectionate man. He’s certainly not going to win an award for ‘Most Charming Husband’. However, he has his own ways of showing me affection and love. Sometimes I forget to thank him for those little things that he goes out of his way to do for me.  

I’ve compiled a short list of things my husband does that I overlook sometimes. Hopefully when he reads this he knows just how much I appreciate him even if I don’t always tell him.

For all the times you walk the dog early in the morning, or late at night. In the snow and rain. Thank you for letting me stay dry, and letting me get those few extra minutes of sleep — we both know I need them.

Thank you for understanding that before I have my coffee, I will be cranky and not coherent. An extra special thank you for all those early morning coffee runs to the local coffee shop. I’m able to function like a normal person, and I’m sure everyone around us appreciates that.


first i drink the coffee


Sometimes I forget to put gas in my car (or I’m just too lazy to stop and put it in myself). Thank you for always pumping my gas, especially in the wind and rain.

I know I’m incredibly spoiled, so thank you for checking on our son late at night when he cries. Those 4:30 a.m. wake up times are tough enough as it is! You make it a little easier for me to roll out of bed and just go. 

Thank you for mowing the lawn, taking the trash and recycling out, snow blowing the driveway, and fixing our mailbox every time it gets hit and knocked down.




But most of all, thank you for just knowing when I need that extra time with our son. Those extra long hugs after a bad day at work. The snuggle sessions in bed on the weekends Those extra few minutes of playtime before bed. Sometimes, just his giggles or silly faces are all I need to get myself back in the right mindset. And you always seem to know when I need them. 

Hopefully you ladies get to experience the same perks I do, and I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes and think about the small things that your husband does to bring a little joy to your life or make your life a little bit easier.

So ladies, let’s take a few minutes to thank our husbands for doing those tasks we hate doing, or giving us the perfect little something to make us smile.