Bullet Journaling: Easy Organizing For The Disorganized Mom


bullet-journaling-2 Bullet journaling has become a lifesaver for me. I am not a “Type A” person, one who plans out every detail of my day. In fact, I am the complete opposite. I am more of a “go on a whim” type–which is great in most areas, but I definitely needed to organize my days better. I am now more focused and somewhat more productive. To be clear, though, I am a bullet journaler hack. I have implemented some tools from bullet journaling with other sources, such as The Peaceful Mom, which fit my personality!

Bullet journaling gives you the freedom to simply make a list instead of committing to a time slot in a day planner. Because really–we all know that sticking to any time slot is next to impossible. (Unless it’s my baby’s naptime–I know that time slot well!) I have decided to keep my list to a maximum of five things–five simple goals that I feel like I can accomplish within a day. I don’t feel overwhelmed by that, and if I don’t accomplish them all, I just slide them to the next day’s agenda.

What do you need for bullet journaling? 

  1. A journal. A popular journal to use among those who bullet journal is a moleskin style. I wanted to write in something more bright and colorful, so I bought a $4 notebook from Marshalls. It fit my style better. So find something that caters to your personality.
  2. Pens. I use gel pens in fun colors. If I am going to be looking at a list throughout the day, I want it to be colorful and stand out.
  3. Washi tape. The other tool I use is washi tape. I incorporate it in my pages just to add some design. Obviously this isn’t necessary to be successful, but it does help me to be a little creative while also being productive. 

Bullet journaling has become a discipline that I am embracing each day. I aim to journal in the evening after my babies are sleeping, when I have a few minutes of quiet. When I review my day and plan for the next, I feel ahead of the game. This takes maybe 20 minutes. I am more productive and my days run somewhat smoother on the days I have done this practice.

Bullet journaling has also helped me measure my accomplishments as opposed to feeling like I got nothing done.

I love being able to look back on my week and feel good about how I spent my time with my family, friends, and on myself. As moms, isn’t it so easy to see what we HAVEN’T accomplished as opposed to what we HAVE? Our time is valuable and precious, and we do so much each day. I have found that this tool has helped me focus on the positives of my day and week.

Moms, take control of your day! Face each day with confidence and a plan (and of course, a very large cup of coffee!). Find what works for you and make the most of the time you have been given to do what matters most and spend it with who matters most to you.