Why I Became a Direct Sales Mom


Let’s be honest; Direct Sales companies get a bad rap. Many unfortunately equate these companies with pyramid schemes, pink Cadillacs, pushy multi-level marketing tactics, and over-priced luxury gimmicks. Maybe you, my dear reader, are one of these skeptics. I get it. I was there, too, once.

And then I went from being a full-time professional psychotherapist to a full-time toddler chaser.

Well, stay-at-home mom to be specific (but most days it feels like an unending game of tag). Either way, while I love being a mom and the opportunity to be an at-home parent, I needed some vocational stimulation. I’ve never been a charismatic sales person by any stretch of the imagination, but there I was, yearning for a challenge that could work with my new mama lifestyle, and more importantly, my family. I refused to deviate from my professional roots, but what I uncovered was so much more than a mommy hobby.

So, what are Direct Sales companies exactly?

Direct Sales is a business model in which an independent consultant sells products face-to-face rather than in a brick-and-mortar store. Most famously, this decades-old model is practiced through in-home shopping parties and vendor booth events, but is quickly making an economic resurgence through social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. Independent sales consultants make their commissions on each product that they sell, and can even make additional commissions by recruiting new consultants to work downline from them. Most consultants make between 20% to 35% on their sales, which can add up to a fat paycheck if the consultant is booking fistfuls of events a month. However, not all DS companies are created equal. From the hundreds out there, only a few dozen or so have actually been able to sustain a dependable product over the years.

I loved the products…and the company.

So I signed on. I took the proverbial leap of faith and became a Wellness Advocate with a company that produces therapeutic-grade essential oils, products, and supplements, I first began using the products as a customer. Once I adapted essential oils into my family’s lifestyle and self-care routines, I quickly realized how much I appreciated the products that they sold. Additionally, I believed in the mission of the company, which strives to ethically partner with farmers, distillers, and distributors in developing corners of the globe. For anyone remotely considering a Direct Sales opportunity, loving and believing in the product is a must. ‘Fake it ‘til you make it’ in this industry just doesn’t cut it.

I can save money while I make money.

Realizing that I could save money on what I was already splurging on just made sense. That, and as I developed a customer base, I saw a monthly paycheck ripen up in my own bank account. I once again felt the satisfaction of financially contributing to the family. The feeling was worth every ounce of effort that I had mustered forth in this business venture. And then some.

I have made more social connections than I would have thought possible.

As a natural introvert, being a Direct Sales consultant isn’t easy. I am constantly stepping outside of my comfort zone and pushing myself to be more engaging with complete strangers. Yet strangely, it’s growing on me. Once too timid to offer someone a tissue, let alone a product sample, I now find myself passionately chatting away at the park or on play dates over oils. I remain firm in never pushing a sale on people. Yet, helping someone access renewal and wellness through these products is every bit as important to me now as developing a psychological treatment plan. Beyond the sales, I have found a magnificent tribe of women within my upline team. They have helped me to unlock a level of creativity that I didn’t know existed within. Whether it’s my customers or team, I have found joy in this work.

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it

Most of these companies aren’t scams. They are legit corporations that empower individuals, particularly women, to run their own businesses in a way that thrives among the demands of everyday life. Doing Direct Sales right take guts and a LOT of work. So think twice before you dismiss that party invite. Your support of DS mamas has a deeper impact than you might think.