Beautiful Gift Ideas That Keep On Giving


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The holidays are upon us. Seems like everyone is out shopping for the perfect gift. In addition to gifts, though, we want to spend more time with our loved ones. We create new traditions while we celebrate old ones. Most of all, we hope that all our gifts and time crystallize our love to last longer than the moment of a single day.

Because we all want to raise conscious children, we want our gifts and our time to teach them something. Below are some beautiful gift ideas that will do just that. And they will keep on giving this holiday season and beyond.  

Give The Gift of Blood 

I’ll never forget the first time I donated blood with my mother and sisters. I felt like we were truly making a difference in the world as a family. Donating blood may sound scary, especially if you dislike needles, but it’s something that will always be needed in the world, and you’ll never forget the experience. Read 56 Facts About Blood and Blood Donation from Brookhaven National Laboratory to learn more about the importance of donating blood.

Platelets in the blood are also something you can donate. Check out the video below from the American Red Cross to learn more.

Why not start a holiday tradition to donate blood? Go as a family, with a group of friends, or just by yourself. Or get the office to organize a blood drive for your next office party. You never know whose life you might be helping. 

Visit the American Red Cross to find a blood drive near you. 

Give The Gift of Education

CPR/First Aid – Unless you’re in the medical or educational field, most of us aren’t required to take a CPR course. Why not make the holidays a time to learn the life saving skills of CPR/First Aid? Make it more memorable by rounding up a group of friends, and have a Girls Night Out with a purpose. 

AED – Do you know how to use that bulky AED bag at the airport or gym? An AED machine is used when someone is suffering from a cardiac arrest. Taking an AED course is another gift you could give yourself or a loved one. 

Babysitting – Finding a good babysitter is hard, but having a sitter with recognized skills is essential. Make the holidays purposeful for your older child, nieces, or nephews by gifting a SafeSitter course. Pay for your child’s friend or two, and you will be the mom who gave them a gift they will never forget.

[box]Think beyond the holidays. The New Year is filled with birthdays, graduations, and other milestones that are wonderful opportunities to gift in meaningful ways. [/box]

Give The Gift of Basic Needs

This is where online shopping can truly be meaningful. Most of us live a privileged life where we don’t need to think on a daily basis about the basics like food, shelter, schooling, or medical care. These organizations let you gift just that and so much more.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts     Sample: $10.00 provides 4 school backpacks to children who need them.

Heifer International     Sample: $60.00 provides a flock of chicks, ducks, and goslings to a family that can get daily protein from eggs, provide income from the sale of eggs, and fertilize crops to increase farm production.     Sample: $14.95 for a pair of socks that provides 18 months of clean water.

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