A Stylist’s Top Five Favorite Kids’ Hair Products


I’ve always been a product junkie. But until I had kids, those products were all about me. As as a hair stylist, I always have clients asking me what I use on my own children’s hair and realize that kids have hair needs too! 

So I’ve rounded out my top five favorite kids’ hair products to use on your own child’s locks at home!

Lice Prevention

I’ll start with the most fear-inducing of all hair woes: the dreaded LICE infestation. While practically a rite of passage among elementary students, it remains the number one hair issue parents frantically try to fight. 
Fairy Tale has led the market in the fight against those pesky scalp scratchers. Beyond lice prevention, the line also includes a lice remedy as well as bug sprays, swim solutions, and more. The line can be found in stores like Target and Walmart right here on the Seacoast.hair products
But does it work? The idea is that rosemary and other essential oils repel the bugs to naturally move on. While the products are not FDA proven, many of my mom friends swear by the stuff for their kiddos. The products are gentle and leave behind a pleasant scent.

Other practical ways to prevent lice include keeping hair tied up, avoiding sharing items that touch the head and the ears, and trying to keep your kids from “bumping heads” too much during playtime if an infestation has been announced in your school.

Dry Shampoo

Yes, the dry shampoo craze is not just for the grown ups! The miracle products for many of us busy mamas can be an effective tool for your kids, too. Dry shampoo works especially well on long, thick hair that doesn’t need to be washed and conditioned daily. This is the perfect time saver for the morning madness! Available in powder or spray forms, a little goes a long way. I recommend starting with a small amount, just at the scalp and rub around gently to lightly cleanse and deodorize. A great option is Ren Pure Sea Minerals Dry Shampoo as it is free from sulfates, parabens, and dyes! 

The Wet Brush

I am constantly asking myself where these have been all my life! Everyone with long hair knows the strict rule to avoid brushing wet hair with a brush and opting for a wide-toothed comb instead.

kids hair productsThat is, until the Wet Brush came along to change the game!

This simple paddle brush magically detangles and smoothes hair right out of the shower. These bad boys have saved me hours of tedious combing out in the salon chair. With a variety of fun colors and designs, it’s sure to be your kid’s favorite brush too! 

The wet brush is most effective, however, combined with another hair must-have . . .


A good detangler is essential for reducing the dramatic meltdown of a child getting their hair brushed out. To elicit the least amount complaining from your little lady or gent, apply the detangling spray at the ends and comb those out first before slowly working your way to the top.hair products

Kids with shorter, curly hair can also benefit from a good detangler. I’m hoping my son never outgrows his curls so I keep them soft and defined with Honest Detangling Spray.  Bonus: you can pick it up on your next Target run! I usually just comb out his curls out in the tub when they’re nice and wet and he’s good and distracted! Lightly towel dry and let the curls dry naturally to avoid frizz (or fuzz in the case of my son’s hair!).

Invisi Bobble 

hair products

hair productts

The good old fashioned ponytail or top knot is a staple in most of our hair routines.  And now the elastic that I recommend most to my clients, the invisi bobble, is available in a kids version. Slightly smaller than the original, but with the same strength and elasticity, these elastics will thrill every child who dreams of rainbow and glitter!

I’ve heard the scrunchy has made a comeback and these throwbacks are another good option due to their softness and elasticity. Fastening long hair in a scrunchy on top of the head at bedtime can also help morning prevent morning bedhead, static, and flyaways.

With a little extra TLC and the right products, taking care of your kids’ hair can turn from a battle into a breeze!

What are your favorite “beauty products” to use on your kids?

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