3 Reasons You Should Be Group Texting Mom Friends


The best thing to happen to mom friends since wine is the group text. Not only can you expect side-splitting laughter at your fingertips, but you can also experience support and camaraderie. This is super clutch when you’re being held hostage by caring for your lovely children. If you’re not already group texting mom friends, I made a list outlining why you need to do it immediately. If you’re already a pro, I applaud and congratulate you. 

Why Group Texting Mom Friends is Everything

They understand your pain. 

Child up vomiting at 3 a.m.? Husband has a man-cold? Your three-year-old punched you in the face? Your mom friends have been there. They KNOW. You text them and they commiserate, because you and I both know we don’t need anyone to fix anything–we just want to be heard. And there’s no way they’ll agree to see you in person if someone in your house is vomiting, let’s be real.

Group texting mom friends

They understand your joy. 

The beautiful flip side of #1 is that your mom friends can celebrate with you like nobody’s business. From finally potty training your three-and-a-half-year-old to sharing videos of your goal-scoring teen, mom friends flood your phone with ALL the happy emojis. They will emoji the crap out of your phone with rainbows and unicorns because they feel all the feels with you. 

Group texting mom friends

All the laughter. 

“What’s so funny?” my husband asks as I cackle away during the newest episode of Sherlock. Yes, I’m so annoying (texting during Sherlock?) but my mom friends are SO funny. We send memes like they’re going out of style–or at least like we actually know what the word “meme” is and how to pronounce it. We also are professional “hashtaggers.” If an issue can’t be discussed in a hashtag, what’s the point? Read our discussion about “on fleek,” stemming from my severe mortification in front of our 17-year-old babysitter:

Group texting mom friends

The thing is, it’s not always easy to get together with your friends. From our children to our jobs, our lives are full. Yet we all know how valuable friendship is, especially the friendships of fellow mothers. While we might not be able to get together for a glass of wine as often as we’d like, we can send each other wine emojis.

May your texts be full of inappropriate hashtags, inside jokes your spouses don’t understand, and may your heart be filled with the sisterhood.

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