Too Much Stuff? 5 Experiential Gifts For A Seacoast Kid


It’s the holiday season and I’m stressed! I know that after Christmas morning, my kids will be flush with new toys, stuffed animals, books, games, and clothes. Yet…our house is already full of that stuff. Every toy crate, dress-up bin, and bookshelf is covered and a disposal of any of it would cause a coupe. So what can we do about it? Reduce the amount of “stuff” with one of these 5 experiential gifts for a Seacoast kid.

Some of the benefits of an experiential gift are…

  • Anticipation – it extends the holiday season beyond December and gives your child something to continue to look forward to after the highs of Christmas morning.
  • Family time – Many experiential gifts can build memories outside the home together.
  • Skills and confidence – Gifting lessons helps your child become more well rounded, confident, and builds identity.
  • Less stuff and less waste – Instead of a bunch of little stuff that won’t have a place in your home, you’ll have memories from the experience.
Consider making the big gift of the season an experience!

Here are 5 experiential gifts for a Seacoast kid:

1. Lessons 

Help your child learn a new skill by giving lessons! Here are some ideas for experience gifts on the Seacoast that are lessons.

My daughter is taking ice skating lessons as a gift at The Rinks in Exeter.

2. Theater

The Seacoast offers awesome opportunities to see plays and musicals – many of which are child appropriate. Take a look at these Seacoast-area theaters 2023 line up and treat your child to a live show! It’s a great experiential gift for a Seacoast kid!

3. Sporting Events

Gift tickets to a game! In winter, enjoy some hockey and basketball or gift the promise of tickets to spring sports. Here are some ideas for some live sporting events:

My family enjoys going to UNH hockey games.

4. Nights Away

Gift a kid-friendly night away (or longer)! Exciting gifted weekends include indoor waterparks, ski resorts, theme parks, and more. I’ll never forget as a kid when I opened a box with a note saying my parents were taking us to Disney in February – better than any toy! Nights away can make the perfect experiential gift for a Seacoast kid. Here are a few ideas:

Gift the experience of a mini vacation!

5. Live Show

There are a lot of really great experiences that travel through the Seacoast area. Here are a few ideas for kid-friendly live shows that are sure to bring a smile on Christmas morning!

The Seacoast and surrounding areas have many live shows that are perfect for a Christmas gift!

Experiences Keep Giving

I have a feeling in ten years my son won’t remember the 5th Lego set he opened on Christmas and my daughter won’t recall the 10th unicorn stuffed animal she added to her collection. However, they might recall a family trip, concert, play, classes, or sporting event. The goal of experiential gifts is to build core memories. The added benefit is you’ll have less stuff to keep in the house. What’s your idea for a perfect experiential gift for a Seacoast kid?

christmas wrapping
Once all the gifts are opened, the day is over. Keep the giving going with something to look forward to.