Three Local Ways to Do Good on the Seacoast



Gather unloading for their annual Thanksgiving dinner

The beginning of the year is a time of resolution for so many of us. In years past, I’ve completely bucked the tradition of making weight loss goals, get fit goals, or any other lofty endeavor that seemed like it was destined to fail from the start. For me, I admire anyone willing to take on smart goals and personal bests, but I am not that kind of resolution maker. So this year I’ve decided the best resolution is to get involved and help others. Here are three local ways to do good on the Seacoast this year. 

Volunteer at a local non profit 

There are so many local organizations on the seacoast constantly looking for volunteers. Volunteerism comes in all shapes and sizes. I am so proud to be part of Gather, the oldest food bank in NH. Volunteering at Gather can mean anything from cooking, to gleaning locally donated produce, to helping out in the pantry. The food insecurity rate in Rockingham county alone for children under 18 is a staggering 10.1%. I’ve made it my mission this year to donate time to other programs to help our most vulnerable population out there. There are many great programs that help at risk youth succeed right here on the Seacoast. 

Help Stock a Community Fridge

There are two local fridges that help support the communities around them. The Seacoast Fridge is located at 120 Rogers Rd in Kittery, ME and serves the community around them. Local restaurants and community members alike stock the fridge with meals and snacks for those who need them, no questions asked. The fridge is kept up by volunteers. Likewise, there is a community fridge in Exeter, NH next to the YMCA. The concept is the same, and local businesses have been filling the fridge with meals for those in the community that need it the most.

This is such a great way to get your kids involved volunteering. Make a batch of cookies, pick up an extra package of crackers to pop in the fridge pantry area. I’ve done this with my children several times. They are too young to volunteer, but it’s never too early to teach them to make a difference. 

Donate Items

The Marie Kondo phase seems like it was a lifetime ago. However, keeping your resolution to declutter your house actually helps benefit those who need it. Places like Operation Blessing take clothes of all different sizes, and Great Bay Community College has a winter coat drive to benefit students and their families. It’s the perfect opportunity to take inventory of what really brings you joy in your life, and re purpose the rest to the local community. 

Whether your capacity this year for taking on extra tasks is the lean all the way in type or tiptoe slowly with your little toe,  the need for local help around the seacoast is greater than ever; and any impact is a great impact. I’d like to think I’m raising my kids with a sense of altruism, and there’s no better way to teach it than to do it for me. 

Below are a list of local a few local nonprofits in the area to get involved: 


The Chase Home


Community Toolbox

Girls on the Run

What are your favorite organizations?

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