Seacoast Farms to Visit With the Family


My Saturdays often involve thinking of some sort of *affordable* outing our family can visit. This can be a little Seacoast hike, a trip to an aquarium or museum, or trying a new Seacoast playground. One of the added benefits of living in New Hampshire and Maine’s Seacoast region is that there are also a great selection of family farms. Here’s my favorite Seacoast farms to visit with the family!

Seacoast Farms to Visit With the Family

Tendercrop Farm in Dover, New Hampshire

Located in the heart of Dover, Tendercrop is a family-owned operation that has been serving the community for over 35 years. This farm offers a variety of experiences for children including animals to visit, playground area, and a stocked farm store that’s open year round. Follow their website for awesome events like corn mazes and Easter egg hunt!

kids playing on tire playground
Tendercrop Farm has a great play structure for kids. 

Applecrest Farm Orchards, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire

Applecrest is a true gem in the Seacoast region. With a rich history dating back to the early 1900ss, this farm offers a wide array of activities for families. Children can pick their own apples and other fruit. There’s a year round store (and ice cream). They also host events, including hayrides, live music, and a delightful farm to table market.

My son loved going on the tractor at Applecrest.

Vernon Family Farm, Newfields, New Hampshire 

Vernon Family Farm is a small family farm in Newfields that specializes in pasture-raised chicken. Visit to experience the well stocked farm store, see the animals, enjoy the laid back vibes. Follow the farm for their amazing events (including Seacoast Moms’ Santa At The Farm event).

kids sit outside farm store
The farm store at Vernon Family Farm has great selection of local meats, produce, and products.

Butternut Farm, Farmington, New Hampshire

Butternut is a wonderful destination for families seeking a traditional farm experience. With a wide diversity of fruit to pick, you can visit every week from June through November and picks something new every time as the growing seasons change. In addition to great picking, they have a fantastic cider house that sells fresh apple cider donuts, apple cider, and hard cider (try a flight)! There are animals to visit (including a peacock) as well. It’s one of my favorite Seacoast farms to visit with the family.

Girl looks at goats
Butternut farm is a great choice for pick-your-own, cider house, and animals.

Emery Farm, Durham, New Hampshire

Emery Farm, established in 1660, is one of the oldest continuously operated farms in the United States! This historic farm offers charm and fun for families including animals, a playground, picnic area, and a host of family friendly events including hayrides. The farm store and restaurant serves delicious food and drink. When you’re done, head across the street to check out Wagon Hill as a great hike for kids!

kids waiting for hay ride
My kids wait for a hayride at Emery Farm.

Legacy Lane Farm, Stratham, New Hampshire

Legacy Lane in Stratham is a family-owned and operated farm known for its commitment to sustainable agriculture and community engagement. Follow this farm for all the amazing kid (and adult) events including farm camps, goat yoga, and petting zoo! They also host birthday parties.

Legacy Lane has adorable goats!

Sandy Hill Farm, Eliot, Maine

Sandy Hill Farm is a coastal family-owned farm with a magical experience for families. This farm has created a light show train walk offered three seasons of the year that is a must-visit for Seacoast families. Purchase tickets now for the Winter Wonders event for a beautiful experience walking through over a million lights!

Family walks through light walk
Sandy Hill light shows are great for the whole family.

Year Round Events and Fun

In order to diversify their incomes, these small Seacoast farms put on some of the most fun, wholesome, and family-friendly events in the region. A visit to these farms and their farm stores not only provide top notch produce and meats to your families, but also support the classic farm landscape of New Hampshire and Maine. Before you head to the supermarket, make part of your weekly routine visiting your local farm with your kids. Getting your fresh poultry, fruits, or flowers will turn into a wonderful experience when you can see the animals, chat with your growers, and support Seacoast families!