How To Involve Your Kids in Giving Back on the Seacoast – and Beyond

The season of giving is right around the corner! Now is a great time to volunteer with your kids on the Seacoast – and beyond. 2020 is challenging for a whole mess of reasons. While my family has had our fair share of tough times and let downs, I’m more aware than ever how fortunate we are. 

I hope to instill in my son that when times are tough we show up and lend a helping hand, in whatever way we can.

There are many benefits to involving your kids in giving back. Giving back doesn’t have to equate to money. Donating your time can have the same impact. Volunteering can help social development, promote healthy choices and even fuel responsibility. Your family will make memories together while assisting your community.

Here are some ways to get involved and volunteer with your kids on the Seacoast and beyond:

1. Learn how to sew together for a good cause:

Project Linus is here to provide ill and traumatized children with hand sewn blankets during their time of need. It has been running for over 25 years and has helped give out over 8 million blankets. No previous experience? No problem! They have a “no sew pattern” for beginners and children. Give back by learning a new skill and spend time together helping others. 

2. Put some color in a child’s life: 

Helping improve foster children’s experience since 2008, Together We Rise is a non-profit with a wide range of ways to give back. Sponsor a birthday box or even a bike. In addition, another way to involve the kids is to decorate one of the“safer at home kits.” Most often foster children are given a trash bag to carry their things instead of a suitcase. If you choose to do the Sweet Case project TWR provides children with their own duffel bag. Filled with basic necessities, the panels from the duffel bag is sent to your home to decorate. Kids then receive a happy, colorful duffel bag to use. Help brighten up a child’s life and give back at the same time. Alternatively, reach out to the local New Hampshire Foster and Adoptive Parent Association serving children and families in the Granite State. 

3. Partner with a local shelter or food bank: 

Currently food insecurity is on the rise, even here on the Seacoast. Volunteering with your kids on the Seacoast can be as easy as helping with collecting canned food. Organize a virtual food drive, have the drop off location be at your home. Include your mom friends and neighbors and have your kids pitch in.

Thanksgiving is most likely going to look different this year. If you’re hosting, have your kids decorate a box that guests can leave donations in. 

Our Neighbors Table encourages kids to write notes(preferably on a 4×6 notecard) of holiday cheer to be given to guests with their holiday groceries this year. Gather in Portsmouth asks for volunteers to help by shopping for elders and delivering meals. All things kiddos of any age can assist with.

Food Shelters most often need extra help around the holiday season. Currently, due to social distancing and safety protocols that may look different this year. Don’t let that deter you. I encourage you to check out their websites to see how they need support during Covid-19.
4. Donate your goods or host a family:
It’s a great time to clear out those winter jackets that no longer fit. Have your kids help go through their closets and toy bins. Winter is fast approaching, and the need for warmer clothing, blankets and pillows is upon us.
For convenience, Community Giving Tree allows you to shop their Amazon wish list. Sit with your kids, go through the list and allow them to choose something your family can buy to give back. In addition, Seacoast Family Promise has an option to “host a local family” this holiday.
If you feel comfortable doing so, volunteering your time is always in need. There are several places to volunteer on the Seacoast. Here are a list of local groups helping families on the Seacoast. 

5. Clean up the world: 

Volunteer to clean a beach! Volunteering with your kids on the Seacoast is as easy as going to the beach. Get some fresh air and do something good for the environment. Achieving non-profit status in 2002, Blue Ocean Society has many ways to volunteer. Be on the lookout for one of their clean the beach events. Better yet, make it a group affair. Organize some friends and family to adopt a beach to clean. You can find a list of monthly beach cleans and more information on their website.

6. Don’t stop seeking out ways to help.

If you’re looking for even more ideas to get involved or give back, here are two websites to check out. You can focus on your location and personal interests supplying you with a more in-depth list of how to help. Look for the “kids” tab to include activities appropriate for children. 

On the whole, giving back can be impactful for your family as well as others. Don’t wonder how to involve your Kids in giving back on the Seacoast — just start doing it!

Involve your kids however you see fit. Talk to them about things that matter to you. Whether you plant a tree, volunteer for meals on wheels, or write letters to veterans. There is no wrong way to give back.
Helping hands grow hearts.
hands reaching up into the air volunteering with your kids on the Seacoast