Explore a Shipwreck on the Seacoast in 2023


My son is obsessed with shipwrecks. At age 2.5, a friend gifted an educational picture book about the Titanic and at age 6.5, his love of ships and shipwrecks has only grown stronger. So, this is why when fellow Seacoast Mom, Molly Shaw, shared that she had taken her kids to see a shipwreck unearthed by the Christmas storm, I had look into it more!

Lizzie Carr Shipwreck in Rye NH
Lizzie Carr Shipwreck in Rye, NH

History on the Seacoast 

The Lizzie Carr, a wooden schooner, crashed onto the shores of Rye, New Hampshire in January of 1905. The exciting tale of its demise and the heroic rescues of crew is well documented in a 2020 article by Seacoast Online. Apparently, the ship was lost to memory until in 1998 when its remains became unearthed after a storm. A project excavated a portion of the hull to be displayed at the Seacoast Science Center as told in this 2006 article by Fosters

Lizzie Carr Ship
This is Lizzie Carr Schooner in 1905. Photo is from Seacoast Online.

Now, the wreck of the Lizzie Carr reminds us she’s still here. Following the extreme Christmas 2022 storm last week, Seacoasters can once again get a glimpse of the wreck. A quick walk down the aptly named Pirates Cove Beach at low tide will allow you to feel the thrill of viewing a piece of history. 

Here’s how to explore a shipwreck on the Seacoast:

  1. Check the tide! Go to an online tide chart for Rye Beach. It is visible 1-2 hours on either side of low tide.
  2. Drive to Pirates Cove Beach in Rye, NH. Access this beach on Ocean Blvd, just south of Wallis Sands. Free parking is available in marked spots along the road just past Wallis Road near Petey’s Red Roof Market. 
  3. Park and walk down to the beach at the Wallis Road access rd.
  4. Looking at the ocean, turn right and walk south to the end of the beach where the creek comes onto the beach. 
  5. The wreck is pretty high on the beach, near the creek and in the sand. 
  6. Do not disturb, remove, or alter the wreck. Enjoy the piece of history and take a photo!
Map showing shipwreck
You can see where I parked and X marks the spot on the shipwreck.

We lucked out with 50 F weather on New Years day. The kids and I took a photo at the wreck, then had fun playing in the sand, Seacoast tide-pooling for snails and crabs, and walking the beach before heading back to the car. 

2023 in the sand with kids
We enjoyed the beach and shipwreck on New Years Day

This is the perfect activity for history buffs and shipwreck fans. Want more history? Visit some of the Seacoast’s amazing forts! My little shipwreck-fan loved our outing to explore a shipwreck on the Seacoast. Most importantly, see it before the sand hides it again!

child at Lizzie Carr Shipwreck
My daughter examines the Lizzie Carr shipwreck. Remember to leave no trace!


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