4 Places for Safe Social Interaction on the Seacoast during COVID-19


When I had my daughter, most of my social interaction was all about her. I joined postnatal groups, went to mommy and me classes and work went to the back burner. Then the pandemic hit. Even though she was still the priority, our world, like everyone else’s, was flipped upside down. These activities were no longer happening and I lost a lot of support for my business. At that point we were just keeping our heads above water. We waited for safe places to go for social interaction on the Seacoast!

It’s been a few months since businesses have reopened with their own safety plans. I feel like life was so derailed and rearranged that I am just now coming up for air to see what is now going on in the world!  

After researching, here are 4 places I would recommend for safe social interaction on the Seacoast:

*Please do only what you feel comfortable with after checking out COVID-19 guidelines*

Relief – Parenting Respite & Resource Center in Hampton

They describe themselves as, “Providing a safe place to rest, professional on-site childcare, parenting consultations and classes, a variety perinatal practitioners, community resources, and more!”

I keep seeing Relief coming up time and time again in Facebook groups as a suggestion.  It sounds like an amazing and supportive place and reviews are all fantastic. Reading the founder, Krista Maltais’ story actually brought me to tears because of the way I could relate.  

This paragraph especially got to me, “Parenting is a time of such contradiction; holding conflicting emotions and meeting the demands of opposite needs all at the same time. The physical recuperation of pregnancy and delivery. The long, sleepless nights. The financial burdens. The transition of how we see ourselves and the world. The changes in partner, family, and friend relationships. The struggle to “do it all” and the societal expectation that we can and should be able to do so.”

More so than ever we are all feeling this struggle and need support.

Type of activities: Story times, Sing Sign & Play, Tummy Time, & so much more!

Hours of Operation: Mondays-Fridays 9am-12pm.

Both Virtual & In-Person Options!

Here are their COVID policies.

Junior Gym in North Hampton

Junior Gym is a Children’s play gym that inspires and motivates children to move their bodies. They have classes that run for 6 weeks, they have open gym time on Saturday mornings, or they have a drop in gymbabies class.

We attended their gymbabies class on a Tuesday morning and my daughter had a blast! She loved the mirrors, the bouncy balls and the ball pit. We felt comfortable as it was large, spacious and clean! Masks are required for adults.

Baby playing with a pink ball - Safe Social Interaction on the Seacoast
My daughter playing with a pink bouncy ball.
My daughter loving the ball pit!

Type of activities: Musical activities, circuits, parachute play and bubbles!

Hours of Operation: View their schedule here.

In-Person & Private Booking Options!

Portsmouth Public Library Programs

Portsmouth Public Library

The Portsmouth library has done a fantastic job at continuing to offer safe kid programs amidst the pandemic. They have a variety of zoom options and an outdoor story time, while weather permits!  

It looks like the outdoor story times have a waitlist now. If you do get the opportunity to attend, make sure you bring your own blanket. They also ask that adults and children over six please wear masks when entering and exiting per the new city ordinance. In the meantime, take advantage of those online options! Be sure to check out your own local Seacoast library, if it isn’t Portsmouth. 

Type of activities: Online Move & Groove, Pajama Story Time, & Outdoor Story Time.

Hours of Operation: View their schedule here.

In-Person & Online Options!

Mommy Mixers in Kittery

Safe Social Interaction on the Seacoast - mommy mixers in Kittery, moms sitting outside
Outdoor Mommy Mixer Event

This one is a mommy only activity! It’s so important to be able to connect with other moms. I love my girl, but it can be tough to engage in conversation when I’m chasing her around  and worried about what she needs.  

These events are put on by Katie Gay of Life Starts Here Chiropractic. Every month she does a different fun activity. She’s been having the events outside since the pandemic and just asks that you bring your own chair. There are always delicious snacks, wine and mocktails!  

Type of activities: Varies month to month. October was pumpkin painting month.

Hours of Operation: These events are the second Tuesday of every month.


Have fun mommas! Where are your favorite safe places to go for social interaction on the Seacoast?

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