3 Unforgettable Family Friendly Winter Activities on the Seacoast

family friendly winter activities on the Seacoast
Here are my newest ideas for family friendly winter activities on the Seacoast!

Starting to get the winter blues? One way to beat cabin fever is to get outside and try something new! I recently researched and tried some family friendly events on the Seacoast this winter (or as I call them – “funtivities”). We had three favorites – sleigh rides, snowtubing, and ice castles. My children are begging to return to these three unforgettable family-friendly winter excursions near the Seacoast. 

Sleigh Ride at Coppal House Farm

Coppal House Farm is a local, family-owned farm in Lee, New Hampshire. I chose them for my sleigh ride because this beautiful farm is accessible from the Seacoast and came highly recommended. This experience was amazing! On a cold winter night, I took my mother-in-law and two small children on a nighttime public sleigh ride. Bundled up in warm blankets, we whooshed through forest and fields – drawn by two beautiful horses led by owner and farmer John Hutton. The ride felt safe, but invigorating. We all loved it! At the end of our ride, the staff had a warm campfire, hot chocolate, and s’mores fixings waiting for us.  

winter activities on the Seacoast - kids roasting s'mores after a sleigh ride
My mother-in-law and son roasting marshmallows after our evening sleigh ride at Coppal House Farm in Lee.

This could not have been a better outing. It is family-friendly and perfect for winter. Public sleigh rides are $18-$20 depending on age. They also offer private sleigh rides as well as a special event called Sleigh and Spirits which partners with the Flag Hill Distillery and Winery. Check their website for public sleigh dates, times, and reservations.  

My kids and I loved our nighttime sleigh ride at Coppal House Farm in Lee

Snowtubing at King Pine 

I’d heard of snowtubing before, but had never tried it myself. Research of local snowtubing hills revealed that many resorts have age limits and that my almost four-year-old was too young. A friend recommended King Pine’s Pine Meadows Tubing Park because there was no age limit as long as they travel on their own tube. I took my mom and son for a special three-generation adventure to the mountain! This is a great spot for Seacoast winter fun for kids – that’s about an hour away! Try skiing at this mountain, too — one of our writers raves about this spot as a great place to learn to ski near the Seacoast.

winter activities on the Seacoast - kid in a snow tube
No need to carry your tube up the hill! The lift takes you and your tube to the top.

This funtivity was unforgettable. Even though it was a weekend, early morning rain had scared other visitors off and we literally had the hill to ourselves. A lift takes you and your tube to the top of the hill.  Staff help you with your tube and send you flying (at whatever pace or style you ask for). My son’s favorite thing was to link our tubes together for a tandem ride. What a perfect winter activity for families! King Pine was just one hour north of my home in Rochester and tickets were $21 a person for a 2-hour session. Visit their website for hours and details. 

Seacoast winter fun for kids - child snowtubing an hour away from the Seacoast
Going down the hill at King Pine’s Pine Meadows Snowtubing Park.

Ice Castles

I’m sure you’ve seen photos of this amazing place. I decided to take my children at night! My preschool age son was the perfect age to find the magic in this attraction. He was mesmerized by the colorful ice fountains, obsessed with the small ice tunnels he could crawl through, and was just tall enough to ride the big slide. I loved experiencing the special winter wonderland though his eyes. My one and a half year old toddled around and enjoyed the view, but my one regret was not bringing a baby carrier. The uneven footing was difficult for her, and she got very frustrated.

boy in an ice tunnel - family friendly events on the Seacoast in the winter
My son loved crawling through these glowing ice tunnels.

This special family friendly attraction was such a hit, we are planning to return to see it during the day (this time with the Baby Bjorn)! I recommend buying tickets in advance on their website. Admission is $15 -$30 a person depending on age and time/date, but kids under four are free!

My toddler daughter in the ice castles.

Take Advantage of Winter

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook some of the amazing opportunities we have for winter activities on the Seacoast.  I’m so glad I decided to take a risk and try new weekend outings. These adventures are new winter traditions, and something that can make the long winter season one to look forward to. Get out and try some family friendly winter activities on the Seacoast!

For more winter fun, check out my previous posts on winter hiking in the White Mountains and how to winter hike with baby!  Follow me on Instagram @FreelanceAdventurer for more photos of these activities and check out my blog The Freelance Adventurer.

Did I miss any family friendly events on the Seacoast this winter? Comment below with details so we can add them to our monthly family friendly events calendar!



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