Three Reasons to Support a Local Farm This Season

Vernon family farm
Vernon Family Farm

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has once again crept up this year. Every single Halloween, I say I’m going to get it together early, and in years past, by Thanksgiving Eve, I’m crunching to get pies in the oven, or running down the aisles of the grocery store for last minute things. By Thanksgiving I have at least one child asking for a peanut butter and jelly instead. This year, I’m opting to shop local to help me out,  and here are three reasons to support a local farm this season. 

Support a small business

We tend to think of heading to local farms as a summertime thing when everything is in season. Agro tourism has become a thriving business model for farm sustainability, but this idea carries over in the Winter as well. Local Newmarket farm, Vernon Family Farm, hosts our very own Santa at the Farm event. Farms like Vernon need our support over the Winter more than ever. Every visit to a local  farm store also supports the products that they carry, which are usually as local as you get. Farming is one of the oldest small business models, and one I hope we can lean into. 

Bird Dog Cider,Greenland NH
Pete Endres looks out at his orchard, Bird Dog Cider in Greenland, NH

Know Who You’re Buying From

Seeing the direct farm to table food that I’m purchasing makes a huge difference to me. We have an abundance of local farms around here that produce everything from fruits and veggies, to processing meat, down to cider. I was so fortunate to talk with Pete Endres, local owner of the Greenland cider company Bird Dog Cider. His passion started as a child growing up on a farm and shows in every conversation you have about it. From the type of apple trees he plants, to the restoration of an old dairy barn and the vision for the future; feeling like you know exactly who you’re buying from makes a huge difference. It feels like you’re part of the story. 


Shopping local farms keeps our carbon footprint light, and sustainability is so vital looking towards our future. Nicole Vernon of Vernon Family Farm, has the best explanation of the crucial impact that local farmers have. “Supporting local farms allows the customer to directly interact with the farmer–the person that grows and raises the food you eat. Eating should not be as complicated as it is but the language around food and food labels is quite confusing. When you shop locally and you get to have a conversation with the farmer, you can have a greater understanding of the how and the why.”  In our family, I like to be able to directly source our food as much as possible. While the grocery store is convenient, convenience isn’t going to reduce our carbon footprint. 

The amazing thing about the Seacoast is that there is an abundance of farms in the area, and they all support each other. Whether it’s pies, cider, chicken stock or anything in between, I know that I can count on our local farms to have everything I’m looking for. Furthermore, the support to the local community to help combat hunger on the Seacoast is incredible. There are so many reasons to support a local farm this season and beyond. Instead of being covered in flour before every major holiday, I know the abundance of options has me covered this season. 

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