For Any Family Situation: Peaceful Holiday Strategies that Work


Whether you’re surrounded by friends, traveling, reuniting with relatives (or in the midst of a silent period with some), holidays are full of emotions–good and bad. It’s good to have some holiday strategies to fall back on. 

There are expectations, differences, a new President-Elect… it’s all there, waiting for you with red bows and ugly sweaters.

Follow our holiday strategiesThroughout my five years of marriage I’ve developed some holiday strategies to call upon if I feel overwhelmed in any given family situation (they work well with friends and toddlers, too). We love our families and holidays too much to dwell in negativity and leave with regrets.

This year, center yourself and use these peaceful holiday strategies to make it the best Christmas yet. 

  • Faith – Dig your heels in deep and stand strong in your doctrine of love and compassion. This is the most peaceful way to frame any tension. 
  • Stop. Drop. Roll. When the flames of emotion attack, the first rule is to stop feeling chaotic and think rationally. Drop the negativity. Is there any positivity in this situation (or comment)? You may have to dig deep. Then, roll with it. See how good it feels to embrace positivity and resist that instinct to fan the flames of drama. 
  • Eat, drink, be merry – Indulge yourself in something that is yours and solely for your pleasure. Whether it’s sipping on a glass of wine slowly, closing your eyes over hot cocoa, or carefully biting into and savoring every bite of homemade stuffing, escape to your happy place. 
  • Always smile – Don’t lose your dignity, it’s not worth it! Even if you’re throwing punches in your imagination, keep a smile on the outside. You’ll be surprised by how often your mood will change as your mind quickly switches over from gut reaction to playing it cool.
  • Talk about it later – If you have a friend, spouse, close relative you can confide in, keep all of the craziness in the back of your mind until you get a chance to vent in private. Be careful it does not turn into gossip, because that just makes emotions bigger. Take it off of your chest, ball it up, and throw it into the trash. 
  • Rest – Sleep is crucial to normal brain function, any tired mama can attest to that! Rest helps us stay sharp so we can properly process our daily interactions and make the best decisions. Plus, you can go to bed early and take a break from the mayhem!  

What are some of your holiday strategies? No matter how you deal, I hope it’s a peaceful, relaxing, delicious, and fun holiday season.