Gifts That Keep On Giving–Reusable Gift Wrap for the Holiday


I LOVE wrapping presents. Sometimes I think I should turn it into a full time job.  But I hate spending a lot of dough on gift wrap, bows, and cards. Things that will  only be seen for a few seconds before being thrown in the garbage. So after years of digging bows out of the trash and trying to smooth out tissue paper to give it a second life, I have come up with some great options for reusable holiday gift wrap.

Using Fabric

reusable gift wrapThis can get as crafty and elaborate as you like. If you fancy sewing than this can be a really fun project. But I’m going to keep it simple since we are all moms and the holidays already us running like crazy people. My favorite go-to reusable fabric choices are tea or hand towels. You can find these pretty much everywhere, they are super affordable, and everyone can use them. Wrap them around a bottle of wine, mason jar full of treats, candles, bath products, or just about anything. Secure with ribbon or bakers twine. Ta Da! If you show up to a holiday party with a bottle of wine wrapped in a tea towel, people will probably mistake you for Martha Stewart.

Baskets, Boxes, and Crates! Oh My!

This may seem like an obvious one but the options are endless and the gift looks so much more thoughtful in one of these than in a gift bag. Just like fabric, you can find a plethora of containers just about everywhere. Craft stores, dollar stores, even grocery stores. They come in every size, shape and color. The added bonus is that people {especially moms!} love baskets, boxes, and crates. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!

Jars and Other Vessels

Canning and mason jars are my go to for packaging, especially during the holidays. I love to fill them with homemade candy or baked goods. They also come in a variety of sizes so you can pretty much use them for anything. Just tying a festive ribbon around one adds enough pizazz. Also, think about giving a plant as a gift or even a bouquet of flowers in a vase. People love these thoughtful gifts and again they can reuse the jar or vase later. 

Gift Tags

Since my son was born we have started a new tradition for crafting Christmas tree ornaments for friends and family. They have a dual purpose of also being the gift tags that we use on gifts. Again, the sky is the limit on how crafty would want to get. We typically buy simple unfinished wood ornaments and my son paints them anyway he likes. We attach them to the gift and on the back of the ornament with write who its to, who its from, and the year. 

Also, a small and simple chalkboard sign or chalkboard gift tags are awesome was to address a gift.  The name or sentiment can be erased and used as a gift tag in the future or a decoration in their home.

I’m wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with a little less wrapping paper, scissors and tape this year!

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