Finding and Celebrating the New Normal During Covid-19


We are living in unprecedented times; faced with uncertainty and a toilet paper shortage. Yet this generation of moms has hitched up our leggings, fixed our messy buns, and created a new normal during Covid-19.

Are things perfect? Not even close.

Remote learning is a circus, our houses are time capsules; a snapshot of a moment in chaos, some basic hygiene and nutrition rules have gone out the window, and our family pets are living their best lives. This quarantine life has its challenges for sure (should I mention toilet paper again?) but I can’t help but bask in its blessings. Can we all take a minute and just be proud of where we are at. Let’s get a cheer for resilience and the fact that you are rocking this new reality. And, you get to rock it in sweats!

I’m celebrating because, 

The Gift of Time

I have not been able to spend this much uninterrupted time with my children since maternity leave. As a working mom, those 12 weeks were fleeting, and honestly, I was so lost in a postpartum smog I hardly remember it. Some days are brutal and I find myself screeching like the unholy banshee of angry mothers who have come before me. But even those moments are a memory I wouldn’t have otherwise had. 

Finally Having It All

For years I have lamented the fact that my desire to homeschool conflicted with my desire and need to work. Our new normal has me joining 88% of the workforce working from home. I am teaching remotely and supporting my children’s learning between classes. Sometimes they sit with me and read while I teach. Often they pop their heads in to say hi to my students. School for everyone is looking a lot more unconventional these days and it turns out that this version of education that blurs school and home, child and student suits me fine. 

Family Rhythm and Blues

Social distancing with our family has allowed us to find a rhythm that is better for our family. I hate getting up early. As a mother, I hate dragging my kids out of bed before they’re ready. I hate finally getting to my morning tea just before lunch and eating lunch well before noon. I hate the rush home, rush to dinner and homework and bed. Quarantine life runs on our schedule. 

Technology Saves the Day

I am the loathed technophile millennial mom. I am the mom checking email at the park, posting 100 photos of my kids a day, and utilizing multiple devices; often at once. People love to bash us for neglecting real life in favor of a screen. Suddenly, real life is much smaller and a screen is one of the few things legally expanding your world. Technology is a tool and those of us who get how to “make the doodad work in the doohah” are leading the quarantine parade (I’m kidding there’s no parade! Go home and social distance people!). 

Humanity at Its Finest

All the good in the world, this country, and your neighborhood are shining in this new normal. I am humbled by the humanity of people delivering groceries to their vulnerable neighbors and those on the front line who are heroic simply for doing their jobs. I am awed by the ingenuity. From teachers innovating a profession that has largely not changed in millennia, to fantastic local businesses (check out our list of ways to support local business) looking this thing in the eyes and adapting to stay afloat. Sure there are plenty of negatives, but doing nothing and seeing the bad are easy. Doing what you can and celebrating the good are acts of love. 

the new normal of covid-19 is going without beauty services


I can’t wait until this is all over. As much of a gift as this quarantine has been, I am looking forward to the day I can gather around a fire with a little vino and my Seacoast Moms sisters. In so many ways life will never be the same, but I have hope that “not the same” can mean better. When this is all finished, we will return to normal with a few more grey hairs (not to mention grown out dye jobs, and manicures and bikini lines) and a newfound respect for our children’s teachers. We will forever remember this time and never again doubt our own strength and resiliency. 

What are you looking forward to post-quarantine?