8 Winter Hygge Favorites to Help You Make it Until Spring


cozy pillow, tea and book set up. Winter hygge favorites.

I came across the Danish concept of Hygge a few years ago and subsequently fell in love with it. Hygge is the sense of coziness you feel when you are connected to yourself and with your loved ones. This word describes the kind of coziness you feel when you are in your favorite PJs, lounging under your favorite soft blanket or reading your favorite book. I have also learned that Hygge is about connection. You can create it when you play a board game with your family or gather around a fire pit for s’mores. Because of the year we’ve all had, we all could use more ways to experience Hygge this year! 

Here are my winter Hygge favorites that are helping me through this winter: 

  • Rose Tea: There is something so decadent about the flavor, scent, and taste of rose tea. I love brewing it with a little bit of honey and sipping it on my favorite couch. Here’s my favorite rose tea.
  • Sweet Tunes. There’s nothing like music to put you in the mood for being cozy at home. I am currently loving this Bossa Nova playlist for chill-out vibes. 
  • A Good Movie. Watching movies is a great excuse to get together as a family or to have an at-home date with your partner. Our family’s favorite movie is My Neighbor Totoro (great for ages 6 and up). For a date night, try Motherless Brooklyn (a cool detective story and one of the best movies I’ve seen lately), Being Julia (a strong female lead and artistic mastery by Annette Bening), or Aquaman. I actually cried when I first watched Aquaman with my husband, it has a wonderful hero’s journey story. Writer Devin also shares several shows you haven’t seen!
  • A Great Board Game. We are currently loving Settlers Of Catan Junior. It is engaging for kids and not boring for adults. Writer Melissa previously shared some great board games for families
  • Fire Pit and S’mores. I grew up in Turkey and had my first s’more this year with our portable fire pit. I’m all about s’mores ever since! It is a wonderful family activity that gets your family outside and away from electronics. 
  • Soft PJs, Blankets, and Pillows. Need I say more? Softness = Hygge.
  • A Good Book. The essence of Hygge is connecting with yourself. What types of books do you love diving into? One of my latest favorites was Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. If you love romance, you might enjoy The House At The Edge Of The Night by Catherine Banner. More book reviews from writer Allison.  
  • Group Hugs. Always welcome. Always a favorite. One of my favorite winter Hygge favorites, obviously. 

What are your favorite ways to experience Hygge? In what ways are you looking forward to connecting with yourself and your family this Fall and Winter?

Be sure to share your winter Hygge favorites in the comments.