7 Clean Pantry Items You Should Buy For Your Family


It is often difficult to navigate the grocery store and make healthy choices for your family. Buying from the perimeter of the store– those fresh items — is always best. But you also need to stock your pantry! The following is a list of seven of my favorite clean pantry items my family loves. These are all clean products with a short ingredient list. It is my hope that this guide will help you navigate the grocery store isles, find clean products and make going to the store less overwhelming.


Purely Elizabeth Granola is delicious organic granola made with a blend of superfoods that are baked in coconut oil and lightly sweetened with coconut sugar. My family’s favorite way to enjoy granola is with plain goat yogurt topped with frozen wild organic blueberries. This is perfect for an easy breakfast or an after school snack.


I love One Degree Sprouted cereals because they are made with sprouted grains. Sprouted grains are my favorite because they are easier to digest than traditional grains. Their products are glyphosate free which is a huge plus in my book. My family’s favorite products are their Sprouted Oat O’s, Sprouted Brown Rice Crisps and Sprouted Oat Quinoa Cacao Granola! This stuff is amazing!

Protein Packed Snacks

Epic Bites are great because they are a protein packed on the go snack. I love that there are seven grams of protein per serving. Protein is great because it gives you lasting energy until your next meal. My family’s favorite flavor is the Sesame Ginger chicken bites made with hormone free chicken, organic currants and simple spices.


Siete Chips are grain free tortilla chips and they are so good! We love the sea salt ones the best, but they come in many different flavors. They are grain, dairy and soy free. They are cooked in avocado oil. We love these chips served with hummus, guacamole or salsa.


Tolerant Pasta is great for getting more protein into your kid’s bellies. This pasta is made with organic lentil flour and packs 14 grams of protein per serving. Protein is a great because it keeps kids focused and energized until their next meal.


Simple Mills Almond flour crackers are my family’s favorite crackers. They taste great and have great ingredients. The Farmhouse Cheese Crackers are great too because they are a healthier version of Chez-its. 

Dips and Dressings

Primal kitchen dressings are delicious, healthy dressings that are made with avocado oil. Avocado oil is a great healthy oil packed with omega threes. Omega threes are essential for your child’s brain development and they help kids stay focused all day. These dressings are free of sugar and inflammatory seed oils. Primal Kitchen has a wide variety of dressings, but my girls’ favorite is Ranch. We like to eat it on a salad or as a dip with raw veggies.

Want more?

Did you know I offer pantry makeovers? Feel free to contact me for details. I would love to meet you wherever you are on your health journey and help you to make small, sustainable changes that will make a big impact on your family’s health over time.

Interested in cooking classes and learning how to optimize your family’s health through food?

I offer virtual kids cooking classes designed to help develop important lifelong skills in the kitchen as well as encourage kids to try new foods in a safe environment. All of the recipes we make together are gluten free and free of refined sugar with a special added ingredient which is usually a veggie or bean. Go here for more details.  

I also offer adult cooking classes where we cook a meal together and learn how to make a nutritious and delicious meal the whole family can enjoy together. The next class I offer is Thursday, March 15th from 4 to 5pm. We will be making a Veggie Loaded Quinoa Bowl with a Curry Miso Dressing. Please reach out with any questions.

Cheers to a life of health and happiness!

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