3 Things Our Family Loves About Flag Football


When my son decided that he didn’t want to play soccer anymore, but he “definitely want to play something”, we signed him up for our newly minted town flag football program. We weren’t sure what to expect. But we bought him a mouth guard, some cleats, and shorts with no pockets (if you know you know – pockets are not allowed in flag). 

This was a new sport to our town so none of the kids had a played before. We watched while they ran through plays and how to throw and catch. After my son’s first practice he enthusiastically exclaimed, “I love football” and “Did you see my touchdown” and “I had to dive to pull that kid’s flag, look how dirty I am” and so on. 

Here’s what he had to say about flag football…

“What I like about flag football is scoring touchdowns, working as a team, and having fun. It’s mostly about having fun with your teammates, playing a good game, and working hard. You have to be able to communicate well with each other and make a plan. If it doesn’t work we act quickly and do another play.”

We hadn’t seen this type of excitement for a sport before and we were sold! He loved every practice and game. Even the ones they lost, he still had so much fun. We’ve signed him up again this fall and he’s already been practicing in the backyard.

3 Things We Loved About Flag Football

He got to be a beginner!

As parents, we love to see our kids learn new things. Watching my son hop into a new sport and hone new skills he was excited about felt like a huge win as a parent. He was out of his comfort zone and it was amazing to see him push through. Plus, he was a beginner among other beginners. The pressure to perform wasn’t there and instead, he got to learn alongside his friends.

Communication is key.

The whole team has to be able to communicate and listen to each other. Since they meet up between plays the communication is consistent. The chance to stop, regroup, and collaborate is a special aspect of football. Plus, if you don’t understand something you have to speak up or the play may not go as planned.

Planning ahead PLUS flexibility = the best combo.

The team goes in with a planned play but sometimes you have to shift gears and do something else. Being flexible is a huge part of thriving in LIFE. So, I loved that my son really had to learn how to roll with however the play went during the game. Sometimes it worked out and sometimes it didn’t. This was probably the biggest lesson learned during his first season.

We are quickly becoming a football family and I am here for it! If your child has an interest in trying a new sport, I can’t recommend flag football enough. Looking for options of where to play? Try Future For Football’s League Finder to see what’s available. 

Future for Football is sponsored by the National Football Foundation. Their aim is to tell positive stories about football and spread awareness about the positive impact this sport makes on people’s lives. 

The National Football Foundation has existed for 75 years and is best-known for electing a College Football Hall of Fame class each year. Additionally, the NFF has a large focus on academic excellence and hands out a number of academic awards at the high school and collegiate level, most notably the William V. Campbell Trophy. They also have a robust chapter network throughout the country where members continue to be involved.

This post is sponsored by Future For Football. We are thrilled to share the ways football has positively impacted our community and our families.
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