Best First Day of School Books for Preschool & Kindergarten


As much as I am fully embracing summer, I’ll confess that half of my brain is already in Back-to-School mode. For some of you that means the beginning of a new chapter – the first year of preschool or kindergarten! These are big times for you and your family. Every child approaches these new chapters differently so I’ve rounded up a few First Day of School books for you and your family to enjoy as you embark on the adventure.

A quick note- more than ever, I urge you to preview these books before you read them with your child. Some of them focus on the jitters kids might experience before starting a new school but if your child is excited you don’t want a book that will introduce the idea of worry if it is not there already!  

First Day of Kindergarten Books

The King Of Kindergarten by Derrick Barnes and Venessa Brantley- Newton

This book is fresh off the presses and I love it already.  Our hero heads off with confidence to his new Kingdom Kindergarten with a “brilliant, beaming, majestic smile”. Wonderful illustrations and a swaggeringly positive story! 

Mom It’s My First Day of Kindergarten by Hyewon Yum

Our hero in this one starts off confident and excited while his poor mama “worries and worries”. As with most kids, his nerves start to take over when he arrives at school the first day.  Mom and boy trade off feelings of excitement and nervousness which is beautifully captured through the use of pale watercolors. A great books to talk about the range of feelings that we all experience when we start something new!

Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?  by Audrey Veronica 

Definitely more on the humorous side, Buffalo starts kindergarten feeling nervous because he is different than everyone else. He soon realizes everyone is different and special and he loves his new school. Great for building a sense of compassion for everyone in our learning community.

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten by Toni Buzzeo

For the spunky kiddos in your life! Annie has her cape is ready for her adventure in Kindergarten but there is definitely a learning curve. Written by Maine author Toni Buzzeo, I love Annie’s feisty spirit and compassionate male Kindergarten teacher.

First Day of Preschool Books

What to Expect at Preschool by Heidi Murkoff

This non-fiction series is one of my go-tos for prepping young children for everything from going to the dentist to Preschool. It is a bit text-heavy so you will probably paraphrase for your 2/3 year old. It covers the essentials of starting school using reassuring information without introducing complicated emotions.

The Night Before Preschool by Natasha Wing

(Guess what? There is also The Night Before Kindergarten!). This whimsical series plays on the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem. Billy has a case of the first day of school jitters but with some help from his new friends, a kind teacher and some super-fun activities, he has a great first day!

Maisy Goes to Preschool by Lucy Cousins

All of our favorite storybook characters have First Day of Preschool books- check out Llama Llama Misses Mama, Daniel Goes To School, Pete the Kitty Goes to Preschool, and Curious George’s First Day of School and so many other friends!

Preschool, Here I Come by David J. Steinberg

Published this summer, this is a great intro to Preschool. I love the colorful retro-style illustrations. Your child will recognize all of the many “firsts” coming their way in preschool: circle time, center choices like art, dress-up, blocks, books, and so many friends! This is actually a collection of mini-poems which makes it a nice way to focus on some of the elements that are special to your preschool. 

For some sillier books (or the school bus lovers in your home) don’t miss It’s Your First Day of School, Busy Bus!  and Dad’s First Day.

Sending you and your family all good vibes as you start on your newest chapter! This is often an emotional time for grown ups and kids alike! Check out your local library or visit the links to