5 New Picture Books to Celebrate Moms for Mother’s Day 2021


Looking for some new picture books celebrating moms? 2020 and 2021 did not disappoint! From stories of gentle everyday home life to those of inspiring women, we’ve got you covered. Check out these five newer releases at your local library or bookstore! Think of them when choosing the perfect gift for mom!

5 Books to Celebrate Moms in 2021

Mama and Me Book cover - Books to Celebrate MomsMe and Mama by Cozbi A Cabrefa

This book melted my heart. A sweet story about the every day things that make time with mama special. It made me yearn for those sweet moments when my daughter was younger. Award winning art and storytelling- for good reason! 

Standing On Her Shoulders book cover - Books to Celebrate MomsStanding On Her Shoulders by Monica Clark-Robinson

The title says it all! We all stand on the women before us.  From trailblazing leaders to the moms, aunties, and grandmas who lift us up, this book is truly a celebration of women. Stunning and inspiring- a combo not to be missed!

Dreams For A Daughter book coverDreams for A Daughter by Carol Boston Weatherford

This gem has been described as a love letter from mother to daughter. It is -that sweet. The illustrations alone will fill your heart as a mom shares her wishes for her growing daughter. One of my favorite books to celebrate moms. 

When I'm Bigger Mama Bear book cover- books to celebrate momsWhen I’m Bigger Mama Bear by Rachel Bright

For a bit of fun this newest installment of the Mama Bear series made me laugh. How many times have I said those words: when you are bigger? Celebrate the daily life as Baby bear tries to do everything Mama Bear does.Home Base Book Cover

Home Base by Nikki Tate

In this graphic-novel style story, mom and daughter are both striving for new challenges -one on the field and another on the job front. From each other, they find encouragement to persevere despite those gender-stereotype obstacles. 

Enjoy these new picture books celebrating moms this Mother’s Day! Find them at your local library or book store.