Life Skills Camp for Kids


Summer is here! For some families that can mean a jam-packed schedule with summer camps and trips planned. For other families you may be looking for things to do during the summer months, so you don’t hear “I’m bored” a week into summer break. Our summers are typically a mixed bag of down time and plans so I always like to have some things for my kids to work towards. There is always some summer reading and other learning, but I also want my kids to enjoy summer. I want them to have a real break from school to play and learn something new. So, when I listened to the podcast episode for “How to be a Person Camp”, I decided to come up with our own version of “Life Skills Camp”!

What is Life Skills Camp for kids?

Simply put, what are age-appropriate things your kid(s) need to know to be more independent? Don’t think of this as a list of chores but a way to help them learn things they will need to know for life. I sat down and wrote out some ideas but also invited my kids into the conversation. What skills would they like to learn to be more independent?

Here is what we came up with…

Sam (8 years old)


Eleanor (4 years old)

Some of these skills may take just a few minutes to master and some may take all summer. Nothing has to be rushed and kids can practice these skills for a few months without the stress of a deadline. Plus, the added bonus of instilling some confidence and independence in your children! Remember Life Skills Camp can work for any age and make sure to include your kids as you make the list!

What life skills would you add for your kids?

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