A Game Changing Tool to Get Kids to Try New Foods!


Do you struggle to get your kids to try new foods? Do you find yourself begging your kids to just take one bite? As a parent of two, I’ve been there and it isn’t fun! Can anyone relate?

I’m excited to share a new tool with you that could be a game changer with your family! The Taste-O-Meter is a tool to help make trying new foods a little more fun and a little less stressful. 

Instead of saying “Can you please try a bite?” Try saying, “Tell me what you rate the broccoli.” This simple shift in language can make a world of difference. Using the Taste-O-Meter turns trying new foods into a game and keeps things light and stress free. If your child doesn’t want to rate their food, don’t force it. Just try again next time.

I recommend printing out the Taste-O-Meter here. Keep it on your refrigerator as a reminder to integrate this new tool every time you serve a new food.

For little ones, I like to use the thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs to the side scale. For older kids, I like the 0 to 10 scale. Zero means they don’t like the food YET and 10 means they love the new food! I like to encourage kids to add the word yet when they say they don’t like something. “I don’t like broccoli yet” allows them to think that maybe they will like broccoli in the future. It encourages kids to have a growth mindset around food which is key in shaping healthy habits for a lifetime!

Want help with encouraging your kids to try new foods?

I love incorporating the Taste-O-Meter into my kids cooking classes. The kids love rating the food they created with their family. Some love to share with me what they rate each individual ingredient which always puts a smile on my face as they taste the lemon and garlic in some of the recipes. I have heard from many parents after integrating this tool into their daily life, they have noticed a big increase in their kid’s willingness to try to new foods which is always a win! 

Here are a couple of kind words from happy moms.

“We love your kids cooking classes. My kids have made and rated so many fun foods in your classes- foods they would call me crazy for asking them to put in a recipe or try!”- Joy

“Dinner was a hit! James rated it an 8 and Emilia an 11! The boys seemed to really enjoy it also! They ate more than just the noodles! WIN! :)” – Kristina

Give the Taste-O-Meter a try and let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear from you!

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