How to Prepare Your First Child For a Sibling


Congratulations! You’re expecting another precious cherub and can’t wait for the delightful scent of new baby head smell again. But then it hits you: what about my first baby?

Here are some easy steps you can take to help prepare your first child for a sibling!

1. Talk About It!

As soon as you’re ready for the beans to be potentially spilled, share the news with your child. Ask them how they feel. Excited? Nervous? Visualize what your future days will look like together. Does your child have a favorite book that they want to read with their future sibling? Do they want to bring baby to a special place that you currently visit together?

2. Include Them

  • Sign up for a weekly tracking app if you haven’t already, then share the updates with your child. They’ll have fun seeing which obscure fruit or vegetable size their sibling is this week, and it gives you the opportunity to talk about what baby looks like or is doing in your belly at the moment. Here are two free apps you can sign up for: The Bump and What to Expect
  • If you’re able to, bring them to an easy routine check-up or ultrasound appointment! They’ll have a chance to hear their sibling’s heartbeat and maybe even get to see baby wiggling about. 
  • Are you buying something new for baby number two? Let big brother or sister help pick out a new outfit or stuffy. Maybe they can pick out matching stuffies for them both, and take care of baby’s until their arrival.

3. Prepare Them

Prepare them for when the baby actually comes so they know what to expect – especially in terms of logistics.

  • Will someone stay at your house with your child while you’re at the hospital? Are they sleeping over at Gigi’s? Let them know the plan and put together a go-bag for them when you’re packing your own hospital bag, in case your water breaks in the middle of the night and you’re scrambling to get going.
  • Be honest with them about your need to give the baby attention once they’re here – talking about feeding, diapers, and constant holding.

Including your first child in your maternity photos is a wonderful way to make them feel included, and to lock in those special memories of when they were your only baby. Thanks to Julia Wake Photography for this beautiful photo memory — find out more about her and her work via her Instagram profile, here

Lastly, there is no such thing as too many I love you’s or too many snuggle sessions — and laying your love and attention on thick is the best way to prepare your first child for a sibling. Remind your child that you’ll always love them and have a special place in your heart because they were the first. Spend as much one-on-one time with them while you can, and be mindful of taking those future moments once baby is here too. Cherish this time with the one who first made you a mom. And most of all, try not to worry…

Because just when you thought your heart couldn’t get any bigger, it will.


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