Perinatal Yoga on the Seacoast with Nicole Lambert


Are you a brand new mom, an expecting mom, working on becoming a mom or even have grown children? No matter what your “mom status” is, taking a little time for you on a yoga mat is a great way to clear your mind and move your body. Not sure where to find convenient, welcoming and safe perinatal yoga on the Seacoast? Have no fear, I have just the class for you!  

What is Perinatal Yoga?

You can think of perinatal as the combination of prenatal and postnatal. A more accurate definition is the period of time when you become pregnant (prenatal) until a year after you’ve had baby (postnatal). That being said, you could be years out from having a baby and still enjoy the benefits of perinatal yoga.

Why Perinatal Yoga?

First off perinatal yoga is so much more than nice long savasana you get at the end of every practice (more on this later in the post), there are some awesome perks to getting yoga in pre and post baby. Your body is ever changing throughout pregnancy and even after the baby arrives. This class provides a multitude of benefits for supporting the shifts and stages you will go through as a mom.


  • Build strength and mobility to carry you through pregnancy, labor and postpartum period.
  • Learn to use breath to calm, focus, connect and support yourself.
  • Reduce the stress and anxiety that can sometimes pop up while trying to conceive all the way through becoming a mom.
  • Find a great community with other mothers.


Perinatal Yoga Class Description

Join this 60 minute all levels class to find centering and strength before, during, and after your pregnancy. With vinyasa flow and hatha style sequences we will strengthen our pelvic floor muscles, practice focused breathing and connection with our bodies, and prepare for labor & delivery and recovery. Classes translate well for pregnant and non-pregnant people, students who are trying to conceive and students cleared by their physician for regular exercise after 6 weeks postpartum are welcome. Together we will create a practice that leaves you feeling refreshed and supported.


What To Expect

The cozy studio above is where Nicole guided me through a 60 minute yoga practice that left me feeling strong, relaxed, and certainly more grounded. Starting with breath work and slowly moving up to standing postures. Nicole’s flow of practice and yoga expertise allowed space for me to move at my own pace and take any modifications that I needed. Within every pose she taps into what muscles to engage and always the gentle reminder to breath and do what feels best in your body. She ends class with a nice long savasana. Not sure what that is? Well its a glorious few minutes of rest. Close your eyes and get comfortable. Nicole will be sure to bring over all the bolsters and blankets you need! 

Class Schedule

Nicole teaches her perinatal classes at two different studios. On Saturdays at 9am you can join class in the quaint downtown of York, Maine at Rise Wellness Collective. She has also added a perinatal yoga class on Sundays at 4:30pm at 3Bridges Yoga in Portsmouth. So you have a few chances to get on your mat every week!

A Little More About the Instructor

Nicole is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) as well as a Registered Prenatal Teacher (RPYT). She’s also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and a Doula in training. She’s quite literally an expecting and new mom’s dream come true. She is a wealth of information for women as a collective and her yoga classes make space for wherever you find yourself. Her practices combine slowing down the mind and engaging throughout the body to provide a great workout and mindful release with each session.

Want more information on what to expect from a class with Nicole? Feel free to reach out to her anytime via email

This post is brought to you by one of our partners. All opinions are ours and we are very picky about who we work with. We hope you find this helpful!
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